Artists are generally inspired by the world around them. For Seth Parks, the inspiration comes from the love of nature. Growing up on a 200-acre tree farm in Maine, the love of nature began at an early age. While most people see a tree, a flower, or a sea creature and appreciate the beauty, Seth sees an opportunity to bring that object to life in another form - with glass and light.

Seth brings together art and nature, beauty and a sense of movement in his pieces - elements that then inspire customers. 


Skill and craftsmanship. Quality and care. Those are just a few of the elements that go into our work. Seth has a hand in every part of the creation of our hand blown glass lighting – from the design to the frame to the creation of the glass to the assembly of the chandeliers. Seth works with each customer to ensure that he and his team are delivering exactly what has been envisioned for the space.

Our dedication to the craft and our customers, in addition to the form and functionality and impeccable quality of the pieces, are what separate us from the rest. 


Seth Parks Designs specializes in hand blown glass chandeliers for commercial, hospitality, and residential locations. Customers work directly with the artist to create a unique blown glass chandelier. Our chandeliers are hand blown using centuries old glassblowing techniques. All of our blown glass is created by hand in our California studio. We are located in Murrieta, CA - between Los Angeles and San Diego. Seth’s blown glass art lights are unique and collectible works of art that can be found in high-end homes and businesses worldwide. 



Glass and light are brilliant in their own respects, but bringing the two together is breathtaking. Seth Parks has had a passion for glass blowing since he took his first class in 2003. His passion was further ignited when he began pairing glass and light. When the glass and light are combined shadows and highlights are created bringing more depth and dimension to the pieces – truly bringing his work to life.   

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