Are your fixtures UL rated?

We can have our lighting fixtures UL listed for an additional cost.

Are all of your fixtures custom made?

YES! All of our fixtures are custom made in our studio in Murrieta, CA. You can choose from one of our current designs or work with Seth to come up with something you have envisioned. We have over 300 colors we can work with and also work with metal and wood, so the possibilities are endless! 

Additionally, all of our chandeliers are internally lit! We create functional works of art.

How much do the chandeliers weigh? 

The weight of the chandeliers varies greatly depending on size and style. When we discuss your particular order, we can let you know approximately how much the chandelier weighs, so that you can be sure to make sure you have enough support in the ceiling. 

What kind of bulbs do you use?

We use all types of bulbs – halogen, LED, incandescent. The bulbs depend on the effect you’re going for.

How are the chandeliers hung?

We use high grade aircraft cable that is adjustable on-site.

Is assembly required?

Assembly is required in most cases. We recommend that an electrician/contractor assemble the fixtures, however, many of our customers do the assembly themselves. Assembly is fairly easy – just time-consuming. We provide detailed instructions and we’re just a phone call away if any questions arise.

How do I change the light bulb(s)?

We’ve made it simple to change the light bulbs. Seth has designed a light bulb assembly that goes in each chandelier, making it easy and quick to change the bulbs. We provide instructions for this as well. 

What is the process to place an order? 

1. Start by filling out the online contact form, emailing us, or calling. Provide us with the details for the project – colors, size, room dimensions, budget, light fixture style, etc. Photos of the location for the fixture are definitely helpful.

2. Once the details are determined, we will put together a project proposal with everything we have discussed, lead-time, cost, etc. The proposal will be sent via an e-sign document.

3. Once that e-signed document has been submitted and a deposit of 50% of the project cost is received, the project begins.

4. Prior to shipment, we photograph your fully assembled fixture for your approval.

5. At that point, we will ask that the balance be sent.

6. When the balance is received, we ship the fixture.  

How do we clean our chandelier?

There are a few ways to clean your chandelier. The easiest way is with a long microfiber duster and or compressed air. There are chandelier sprays on the market that can also be used, but this is not recommended for all of our chandeliers.

What is the time frame from the time we order until we receive our order?

The time frame does depend on how many orders we are working on and the size of your order, but generally we give a 12-16 week lead time from the time we receive the signed proposal and deposit until we ship the chandelier. 

How do you ship the chandeliers?

We disassemble each chandelier and pack each of the pieces in bubble wrap, box them up and generally ship FedEx Ground – this often results in MANY boxes being delivered to your door, but your chandelier will arrive safe and sound. 

In the event there is breakage from shipment, a very rare occurrence, please contact us to let us know and we will be happy to help you. 

We do occasionally ship chandeliers fully assembled for customers who don’t want to assemble on-site.

Do you offer installation?

We do offer installation. We require that a licensed electrician do all of the electrical work. Seth, himself, will do the assembly of glass for the chandelier, but this is obviously an additional cost. For installation, a daily charge plus travel expenses will be added.